General 640

Jaw Crushing Mobile Crushing and Screening System GENERAL 640 mobile crusher which produced and presented  in the breaking of abrasive material as the ideal breaker unit to consumers. Feeder system is supported by 2 vibromotor . In this way minimum maintenance and smoothly operationis presented to consumers.

Feeder hopper is as usual  suitable for feeding Excavator and Loder which  also can be made to feed with truck additional compartment and  at long term works. All wear points are protected with replaceable wear armor on the feeder and hopper.
There is also  screening system on  feeder tray. With the by-pass conveyor, this eliminated grounded material is made castable to stockyards. 600x380 mm in size as the primary type and its  engine power is: 37 KW. Also system can be easily adjusted and Jaw crusher is easily adjusted.

Screen undersize the stock conveyor is designed 750 mm. There are  4 hydraulic legs mechanism on this product,which used folding hydraulic system.These legs have been strengthened  with six legs after locked.These 6 pieces pistons are controlled by a special control system to open and close, also using the two lifting pistons on the crusher. For panel material, Siemens and Telemecanique brands are used.
There is Abba Soft starter system at panel system, even, a special control system is available. Feeding and material to be broken, it can reach up to capacities from 60-110 tons according to changes in product size. The Dustless system, high-pressure water nozzles to spray powder incident in order to prevent dust in the conveyor is blocked.

The conveyor belt tires has been entrusted to  Derby or Eksas brands. For using the bearings , SKF or equivalent bearings are  preferred.. Otherwise, in works with the generator ,though this device without demurrage  operation, low power generator selection and low fuel consumption is provided, approximately the fuel consumption changes between  21 - 23 l / h.

All General Machinery products has CE certified by the European Union.
Model Open Size (mm) Output Sizes (mm) Motor(kw) RPM Fly Wheel RPM Weight (kg) Capacity (t/h) Group
GNRK 60 610 x 380 40-130 30 /37 - 1500 330 6000 20-80 Primary

GENERAL 640 Closed circuit Crushing system, the whole system is collected on one platform and can be transported with 1 truck.
It is designed for operation within 30 minutes.
It is the most suitable for crushing hard and hard-to-break stone (basalt, granite) and mines (iron ore, chrome mine, quartz).
It is the ideal breaker unit to break the abrasive materials.
Vibrating Feeder and Reservoir
The feeder system is driven by 2 vibro motors. In this way, it is smooth and operation is provided with minimum maintenance.
The feeder reservoir is suitable for feeding with Excavator and Loader, and can be fed in the truck with additional chambers in continuous operation.
All wear points in the feeder and in the reservoir are protected by wearable armor.
The Feeder Tablet has a screening system. Thanks to the by-pass conveyor, this sifted ground material can be poured into the stock area.
Jaw Crusher
Dimension: 600x400 mm Primer type
Engine power: 30-37 Kw
Adjustable mechanism and jaw crusher can be easily adjusted.
- Main Conveyor Belt System 600 mm
Pallet type conveyor is rubber.
- Vibrating Screen System High Capacity Type
Dimension: 1300x4000mm
Engine Power 11 KW
Number Of Floors: 3 Floors
Secondary Impact Crusher (Hard Material Crusher)
1120 x 500 mm Special Type Impact Crusher System
Engine: 90 Kw - 110 Kw
Tonnage By Request
1000 x 750 mm Special Type Secondary Impact Crusher System
Engine: 45 Kw
Under-Screen Stock Conveyor 800 mm

Folding type
- Stock Conveyor 2 units 500 mm Folding type
- 2. Crusher Main Belt Conveyor 5000 mm Crisscross type
- Mobile Chassis System 3-Axis Special Constructed Chassis
- Hydraulic System

There are 4 hydraulic foot mechanisms in the system. After these feet are locked, they are strengthened with 6 Fixed feet.
There are also 2 lift pistons for opening and closing in the crusher. These 6 pistons are controlled by special control system.
Hydraulic Power System 125 Liter
Magnetic Conveyor Belt 750 mm (Optional)

- Panel Material is Schneider Electric or Telemecanique Mark.
- The board system has the Abb Soft Starter system and special control system.

- All of our products are European Union CE certified.
- Total weight: 41,000 Kg
- Transportation Measurements: Width 3000 mm x Length 15.000 mm x Height 4500 mm