General 01

General Machinery Stone Crusher Plants General 01 is designed for a wide variety of applications. Though each plant is different, each is the same in fundamental ways: Portability, dependability, durability, competitive capital costs, low cost maintenance and designed to meet customer's needs.
Portability has been a major concern for customers along with quick setup time. We have accommodated our customers' concerns by making most of our plants portable in one single unit. Since our plants are portable in one piece they use minimal time in set-up and tear-down. To further reduce set-up and tear-down time, all plants come standard with telescoping screw jack legs or optional hydraulic lifting legs for fast set-up and to eliminate the time consuming task of cribbing. We have designed our plants to be able to be placed and running in minimal time providing our customers with reduced set-up costs and increased productivity.

We have proven the dependability and durability of our plants with years of service in the field. These plants have crushed everything there is to crush and run day-in and day-out and they're still going strong. We constantly look for ways to improve our designs, make our plants better and continue to out last the competition.
Our plants are designed with the idea that a plant should be easily maintained. We understand the time spent maintaining a plant is time that could be spent producing material. We strive to design our plants to minimize the time needed to do the necessary maintenance.

General Machinery Stone Crusher Plants specializes in design and application - the right product and the right flow plan to accomplish your particular job. Many of our plants are designed around our customer's specifications but we always keep an eye on flexibility. Since our plants are designed with our customer's needs in mind we are able to build a more efficient plant and/or eliminate the need for additional equipment to accomplish the same task.

Rotor pallets 16-18 % manganese, chromium
Setting block Liners 16-18 % manganese, chromium
Closed circuit crushing and screening plant Mobile Crusher plantis suitable for asphalt, road construction and concrete plant furnace feeding.
Vibrating Feeder and Hopper Feeder System:
Feeder Dimensions: 850 x 3000 mm
With 2 vibro motor is provided high vibration. In this way it is presented work smoothly with minimum maintenance.
The feeder chamber is suitable for feeding with Excavator and Loader also in permanent work you can make extra feed with truck too.
Feeder wear spots protected by a wear armor which can be replaceable. Feeder Tray has a screening system. This screened the grounded material can be cast stockyards tkanks to by-pass conveyor.

Crusher Features:
GNR-01: Max 1000 mm, the raw materials from the pit, with crusher chamber which has 2 room, in first chamber 0.50, in second chamber 0.25 mm by reducing the size of the product are obtained with high capacity.
New Generation Mobile Closed Circuit Crushing Plant GENERAL 01 can product obtained size with return conveyor.
General 01is one of the most prefered in Closed Circuit Mobile Crusher Plants.
All General Machinery products has CE certified by the European Union.
Transport Dimensions (WxLxH) Weight (kg) Capacity (t/h)
3800 15000 4500 34000 120~180

The feed chute 500 x 700mm

Rotor: 1100 x 1000 mm

The Crushers are 2 special containers that allows the refining.

Engine power 160 kW thanks to special tuning blocks of primary, secondary functions collected in a single machine.

Up to 50 times it is unique with high reduction ratios.

* Main Conveyor Belt System is 800 mm rubber conveyor belt.

* Vibrating Screen System High Capacity Type

Size: 1400 x 4000mm

Engine power 11 kW Floors: 3 Floor

* Under Screen Stock Conveyor 800 mm Folding type

* Stock Conveyor 2 piece 500 mm Folding type

* Return system are provided with 2 piece 500 mm conveyor belts

* Mobile System Chassis 3-Axis scissor mobile carrier system.

* The hydraulic system has 6 hydraulic foot mechanism.

* After locked this foots, its strengthened with 6 fixed foot.

There are two lifting piston on the crusher for on and off. This two piston is controlled by a special remote control system. There are also 2-piston determines the pendulum adjustment and product size. With special arms product size can be determined.

Hydraulic Power System 60 liter

Magnetic Conveyor Belt 600 mm (Optional)

* Clipboard MAterial is Siemens Branded

* Clipboard system has a Abb Soft Starter Systemand a special control system

*  Breaker control can be performed with Remote Control (Cable control system).

 The amperage of the system can be checked myself maintenance.

Generator System is optional. Iin the world most preferred generator brands will be used if desired.

The capacity is 120-180 ton and it is variable according to crushing material, feeding and final product size.

Dedusting System, for to suppress the dust in conveyors, high-pressure water is spray nozzles and dust is blocked.

Feeders vibrators are Emtaş, Italvibras, Oli brand.

Main Belt pulley are rubberized and gear type.

Electric motors are Gamak, Emtaş and Abana brands.

* Reducers are special reducers with 3 indirect.

* Bearings: Ereğli Iron Steel product with A1 quality.

* By-pass system (optional)

* Magnetic magnet (optional)

* Generator System (Optional)

* Dedusting System (Optional)

* Frequency Control System is used instead Soft starter. (Optional)

* General 01 Closet Mobile Stone Crushing Plant support work with generator. Fuel consumption 19-21 liters / hour.

** All of our products are CE certified European Union.

** Total weight: 38,000 kg

** Transport Dimensions: Length 15,000 mm * Width 3,800 mm * Height 4,500 mm